Flor Plaza

Flor Miriam Plaza-del-Arco is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the MilaNLP group at Bocconi University. Her research interests mainly focus on Natural Language Processing, specifically on the detection of hate speech and the analysis of emotions on Social Media. During her PhD, she worked on offensive language detection on social media in both English and Spanish, specifically she created different resources including corpora and lexicons, as well as developed computational systems that benefit from different linguistic phenomena to detect offensive language more accurately.

She has co-organized the EmoEvalEs and MeOffendES shared tasks at IberLEF 2021 on offensive language detection and emotion detection. She has also co-organized the 36th and 37th editions of the SEPLN Conference.


February 2023 - Present
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
MilaNLP, Bocconi University, Italy
2018 - January 2023
PhD in Computer Science
SINAI, University of Jaén, Spain

PhD Thesis

  • Detecting offensive language by combining multiple linguistic phenomena
2016 - 2018
Master in Computer Science
University of Jaén, Spain

Master Thesis

  • Análisis computacional de emociones en las redes sociales (Computational analysis of emotions on social media)
2012 - 2016
Bachelor in Computer Science
University of Jaén, Spain

Bachelor Thesis

  • Análisis de opiniones de pacientes en la Web 2.0 (Analysis of patient opinions on Web 2.0)


Artificial intelligence for the protection of digital societies. PI - Arturo Montejo Ráez (University of Jaén)
Web Legible for everyone through text simplification and enrichment. PI - Arturo Montejo Ráez (University of Jaén)
Human language technologies for living digital entities. PI - L. Alfonso Ureña López (University of Jaén)
Early detection of offensive language in social networks in the University environment. PI - Arturo Montejo Ráez (University of Jaén)
Digital Entity Recognition. Enrichment and Tracking through Language Technologies. PI - L. Alfonso Ureña López (University of Jaén)

Get in Touch

flor.plaza@unibocconi.it (University contact)